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Make the Right Decisions For Your Children With the Help of Child Custody Lawyers

Make the Right Decisions For Your Children With the Help of Child Custody Lawyers

One of the most emotionally painful issues faced by parents is the question of custody of children following the breakup of a relationship. A knowledgeable and compassionate child custody lawyer can make a tremendous difference to the outcome in these types of cases, and you should access legal advice as soon as possible following a relationship breakdown. In Australia, laws governing child custody can be difficult for a layperson to understand, so engaging a lawyer is crucial in order for you to be able to understand the range of options available to you. In addition, the less fraught and polarized the custody question is, the less emotional impact there will be on the children. Some of the finest child custody lawyers available are practicing in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth, as well as in suburban areas and more remote locations.


Dealing With Serious Issues


Most times, parents are able to work out an arrangement that involves shared custody of their child(ren). Children usually want to stay connected to both parents, and judges feel that children do best when they have frequent and meaningful contact with both of their parents. But sometimes issues of custody must deal with problems that require delicate handling. These can include such extreme situations as child abuse or neglect, violence, or a parent’s drug or alcohol abuse problem. In these types of cases, supervised care of the children may be appropriate or one parent may be able to obtain sole custody. A good child custody lawyer’s guidance is invaluable in these types of situations, as he/she will understand how to frame the case in order to get the best possible result.


In any court parenting order, there are two primary considerations: the benefits of children of having significant relationships with both of their parents, and the requirement to shield the child from physical or psychological harm that is physical or psychological in nature. Of course, the second consideration must be given more weight.



Relationship With Your Ex


Other issues can also impact child custody, such as financial stability, living conditions, existing bond with the child, involvement in the child’s day-to-day life, attitude toward parenting, and whether or not a parent will require the children to relocate to a different school or town. Depending on the age of the child, his or her opinion may also be given consideration. The court will also recognize the right of an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander child to enjoy his or her culture.


However, in the absence of any serious parenting issues, it’s important to try to come to an amicable arrangement with your ex-spouse. Like it or not, the fact that the two of you have children together means that you must maintain a co-parenting relationship despite the dissolution of your marriage or de facto relationship. Doing your best to minimise friction and maximize cooperation is in the best interests of your children and their happiness. Parents who can put the happiness of their children before their emotions regarding their former spouse will more easily be able to come to a custody arrangement that works for everyone.

Additional Factors for Child’s Best Interests

The aim for any child custody case is to reach an amicable custody settlement that above all, benefits the child and secures a consistent and positive living arrangement. All issues relating to children fall under the Family Law Act. In addition to the primary focus of the child’s best interests, there are many other factors that are taken into consideration for a custody arrangement. Depending on the age and maturity of the child, their input and views regarding living arrangements and their individual relationship is taken into consideration. There is also a review of the willingness of the parents to allow access and further a relationship with each other for the benefit of the child or children. An important factor is the ability both emotionally and financially to support the child and offer them a safe and loving environment. Child custody lawyers will help their clients to present the best case and offer up evidence to support their claim to child custody.

Some other factors considered:

·  Children of aboriginal descent who wish to stay in an environment that supports their cultural beliefs;

·  Any incidents of family violence;

·  Attitudes of both parents towards parenting and the roles they play in the child’s development;

·  The nature of the relationship between the parents and their child or children.

A child custody lawyer is more accessible than you may think. If you have questions about child custody, contact a lawyer today.

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